Bangkok's Best Low Budget Hostel, Clean & Safe

Lowest price on Hostel, USD 4 Per Night, Free Wifi, Nice and Clean environment

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SAM 0353

There total 8 Beds with Lavish Toilet, and lots of space , its all time air conditioned.

SAM 0355

Clean Sterali toilet, Daily Room Cleaning, 

SAM 0354

Two people can brush and use the wash basin at the same time, time save time 

SAM 0359
SAM 0363
SAM 0365
SAM 0366

Below is Shower room with Fresh Water with High pressure, so that you can have a Clean fresh shower every day

SAM 0369
SAM 0371

As you can see the picture, there is lots of Space, and clean hostel with AC

SAM 0372
SAM 0376

Neatly Arranged to Have lots of Space on the Hall.

SAM 0375
SAM 0379

Bunk Bed, you get Two Beds on the one cot, Its a Mix Dorm

SAM 0381

Clean Space, Lots of Fresh People come here to Mix so Join us.

SAM 0383

Daily Bed Sheet and Blanket Cleaning ,

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